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    This category covers questions about Iowa, a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. Admitted on December 28, 1846, Iowa, whose name derives from the Native American tribe Ioway, is often known as the "Food Capital of the World." Iowa's capital and largest city is Des Moines.

    Asked in Repossession, Body Piercing, Iowa

    What are the Iowa piercing laws?

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    Legally someone born Thursday could get a naval ring, tongue piercing or other body modification. It's something lawmakers are talking about and parents might want to know. Iowa law says you手机500彩票客户端 have to be at least 18 to get a tattoo. But piercings? There is no age requirement.
    Asked in Iowa, Court Procedure

    Do Iowa courts use determinate or indeterminate sentencing practices or if sentencing guidelines have been enacted?

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    Iowa courts currently use indeterminate sentencing is handing out decisions. The last cite I can find for Iowa sentencing guidelines is dated April '09 and my research has been unable to determine if any action has yet been taken on this subject. This subject has been under discussion for quite some - and since the question discloses that you手机500彩票客户端 are probably a resident of the state - if it concerns you手机500彩票客户端 that much, that you手机500彩票客户端 call the office of you手机500彩票客户端r local legislative representative for the answer.
    Asked in Iowa, Traffic Violations and Tickets, Criminal Law

    What is DNU as an Iowas criminal offense?

    User Avatar
    It means old code that is no longer in use or has been replaced by a new code section.
    Asked in Iowa, Driving Times

    How long does it take to drive from Portland Oregon to Cedar Rapids Iowa?

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    It takes about 28 hours and would cost around $250 in gas.
    Asked in Iowa, Lakes and Rivers

    What is the largest body of water in Iowa?

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    Red Rock Lake near Monroe, Pella, and Knoxville, Iowa, is the largest body of water in Iowa.
    Asked in Iowa

    Was Grinnell Iowa named after George Bird Grinnnell?

    User Avatar
    No, Grinnell, Iowa and Grinnell College are named for Josiah Bushnell Grinnell. Horace Greeley's famous words, "Go West, you手机500彩票客户端ng man" were addressed to Josiah Bushnell Grinnell.
    Asked by Yasmine Welch in Iowa, Politics and Government

    What went wrong with the Iowa caucus?

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    The results of the 2020 Iowa caucus were delayed considerably for the Democratic party. The delay is being largely blamed on reporting and coding problems with the new smartphone app that is being used to collect results. In the face of harsh criticism for the issue-riddled caucus, Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Mandy McClure shared the following update late Monday night: “We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”
    Asked in Iowa, Des Moines, Population

    What is the capital of Iowa?

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    The capital of the state of Iowa is Des Moines. It is a fairly large city (city population 200,000, metro area 500,000).
    Asked in Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out, Iowa, Kentucky

    What are the requirements to move out at 17?

    User Avatar
    Moving out at 17 In some states, yes, you手机500彩票客户端 can move out at 17. For example, Texas. But most states you手机500彩票客户端 have to be 18 to move out. However, if you手机500彩票客户端 are in a state that allows you手机500彩票客户端 to move out at 17 then there a rules and regulations you手机500彩票客户端 must follow. You cannot be moving around a lot and staying in different places. You must be able to stay in one place permanently. You must have a form of transportation, continue you手机500彩票客户端r education, and be able to support you手机500彩票客户端rself as far as money goes. Well I don't know how much this helps, but I am 17 years old right now and I recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend of two years. Now, I don't know about where you手机500彩票客户端 live, but while still attending school, which I am, we are only allowed to work a 20 hour work week. I have not had to prove anything to anybody, I don't know if that's because my mother is okay with this and I didn't just pick up and leave, but she hadsn't had to explain anything to anybody. My boyfriend and I just decided that it was time we get a place together, as we both feel mature enough and just tired of being at 手机500彩票客户端. There is lots of responsiblity, it's not just fun and games. If you手机500彩票客户端 feel ready and mature enough to handle living on you手机500彩票客户端r own, then go ahead, because I'm loving it, but keep in mind that there are bills to pay and chores to do. I've just grown beyond my years, so at seventeen, he and I are fine because we're like adults, our own little family. If you手机500彩票客户端r going to do this, shop around and find a good place, not more than what you手机500彩票客户端 can afford. Make up a budget of all of you手机500彩票客户端r expenses. If you手机500彩票客户端 need help with this, sometimes you手机500彩票客户端 can find some worksheets made up online. Take groceries and other necessities into consideration, you手机500彩票客户端 don't want to come up short and end up having to move back 手机500彩票客户端, or worse, go into debt and get into some trouble. It's a lot to get into so before leaving just ask you手机500彩票客户端rself if you手机500彩票客户端 can handle it all. Honestly i don't think that all of that is true. ins ome states you手机500彩票客户端 don't have to prove anything. you手机500彩票客户端 can leave 手机500彩票客户端 at age 17 as long as you手机500彩票客户端 are attending school. they cant file you手机500彩票客户端 as a runaway. Generally, no. The age of majority is 18 in most Western countries and most US states (in Alabama and Nebraska it is 19; in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21). To move out at 17 you手机500彩票客户端 need parental permission or legal emancipation that recognizes you手机500彩票客户端 as an adult. In the state of Missouri, 17 year olds are recognized as adults- so yes you手机500彩票客户端 can. There's nothing that the police can do to you手机500彩票客户端 unless: 1) You are on a type of probation. If you手机500彩票客户端 are go speak with them about you手机500彩票客户端 moving out. 2) If you手机500彩票客户端 are not mentally stable. My advice to is get as much as you手机500彩票客户端 can out of you手机500彩票客户端r house before you手机500彩票客户端 are done living there. When i left my house at 17 my dad kept everything i owned and there's wasn't anything the law could do to make him give it back. My parents tried everything to make it hell for me afterwards,but keep you手机500彩票客户端r head up and be smart about when and why you手机500彩票客户端 do it. WELL, AS FOR ME AND MY CIRCUMSTANCES I CANNOT LEAVE MY MOTHERS 手机500彩票客户端 UNTIL I GET 18 YEARS OF AGE. I AM NOT CURRENTLY IN SCHOOL, I AM PREGNANT. I AM DUE ANY DAY NOW. I HAVE 15-20 MORE CREDITS TO MAKE UP, SO I GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN JANUARY OF 2006 AS A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. I HAD TO LEAVE MY JOB THAT I HAD WITH PLENTY OF CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION. MY BABYS FATHER IS STILL IN THE PICTURE. HE HAS A JOB, LOOKING FOR A PLACE FOR US, BUT MY MOM WILL NOT LET ME MOVE. SHE ALWAYS USES THE POLICE TO ENFORCE WHAT SHE SAYS. TO ME, IF I AM DOING EXCELLENT IN SCHOOL, PREGNANT, HAVE LICENSE, A CAR, BANK ACCOUNT, GOING THROUGH PREGNANCY PROGRAMS THAT HELPS YOU WITH TRANSPORTATION, CHILD CARE FEES, SCHOOL FINANCES, GIVES YOU $500 DOLLARS WHEN YOU GRADUATE PLUS $100 BONUSES ON YOUR REPORT CARD, AND A SEVENTEEN TEENAGE DAUGHTER THAT IS WILLINGTO GO OUT ON HER OWN, WHY NOT LET HER GO? NOT TO FORGET, I DID IT BEFORE, BUT MY MOTEHR CALLED THE POLICE AND LIED TO THE AUTHORITIES WHEN I TOLD HER I WAS PREGNANT. PLEASE LET ME IN ON WHATEVER YOU KNOW TO HELP ME....PLEASE!!!! hey babe... you手机500彩票客户端 can get married... that is you手机500彩票客户端r only choice.. to move out b4 18 To the smart ass girl who was saying you手机500彩票客户端 don't need to move out unless you手机500彩票客户端 can spell and you手机500彩票客户端 bragged about the GREAT things about you手机500彩票客户端, Honey, inserence is spelled INSURANCE. So you手机500彩票客户端 too!!! Ok I have a friend who is miserable at 手机500彩票客户端, like me, and we need to know the legal age to move out of our parents at age 17 in Mississippi. I am 16 and have a 22 year old boyfriend. We are engaged, been together 4 HAPPY years, and doing great. Obviously you手机500彩票客户端 didnt have a good relationship because mine loves me. Too bad for you手机500彩票客户端 two. My friend is 17 and dating a 24 year old. They too are engaged and very happy. I feel sorry for those who cant say the same and think obviously bc their boyfriend cheated or whatever everyone else's is going to bc that is their personal problem. We are both very happy and just want to know when we can move out of our house. Please answer this question for me: im a seventeen year old girl and want to know if i can move out of my parents house legally in the state of Mississippi without there permission. ANSWER, As far as I know you手机500彩票客户端 can leave 手机500彩票客户端 at 17,only if you手机500彩票客户端 are pregnant or already have a child.Any state does consider you手机500彩票客户端 as a adult at that time.but check you手机500彩票客户端r state laws to be exact.I left 手机500彩票客户端 when I was 17 and pregnant in Virginia back in 2008.and the law did'NT do anything about it,due to the fact that Virginia consider me as an adult,then and its still true now,Virginia still has that law.I am living with my boyfriend now who is 22 years older then me,and no I don't care about the age difference,its just a number to me,and besides we are happy,along with our baby boy Robert.I admit it was hard at first to get by,but we have pulled through.
    Asked in Iowa, Driving Times, Denver

    How many hours driving from Davenport Iowa to Denver Colorado?

    User Avatar
    It is 839.59 miles and an estimated 12 hours and 18 mnutes of driving time according to MapQuest.
    Asked in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

    What are the postal abbreviations for South Dakota North Dakota and Iowa?

    User Avatar
    The postal abbreviations are: South Dakota: SD North Dakota: ND Iowa: IA
    Asked in Iowa, Borders and Boundaries

    Which states border Iowa?

    User Avatar
    Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota
    Asked in Iowa, Minnesota, Area

    Which state has the larger land area Minnesota or Iowa?

    User Avatar
    Minnesota ~ 79,617 sq mi Iowa ~ 55,875 sq mi Minnesota has the largest area.
    Asked in Rules of the Road, Arizona, Iowa

    Is a front license plate required in Iowa?

    User Avatar
    Yes. From my correspondance with IDOT: "In Iowa the law states that you手机500彩票客户端 have to have a rear and front plate."
    Asked in Iowa, Road Distance, Des Moines

    How many miles between Des Moines IA and Toledo IA?

    User Avatar
    It is 67.99 miles according to MapQuest.
    Asked in Shopping, Iowa, Road Distance, Detroit

    Where are the bosnian stores located in utica ny?

    User Avatar
    1.) Ruznic Market 801 Albany St. Utica N.Y. 315-732-5060 2.) Lira Trade Music corner of South st and Nichols 315-601-1228 1.) Ruznic Market 801 Albany St. Utica N.Y. 315-732-5060 2.) Lira Trade Music corner of South st and Nichols 315-601-1228
    Asked in New York, Postage and Shipping, Iowa

    How long for a letter from Iowa to New York?

    User Avatar
    First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
    Asked in Iowa, Cleveland

    CitiMortgage Inc 4740 121stUrbandale Iowa 50323?

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    This is the address that I was given to forward payoff for my citi mortgage. I was given this address and told to send it to the attention of "Payoffs" and to provide my account number, the customer names, and a forwarding address.
    Asked in Iowa

    Where did Iowa get its nickname from?

    User Avatar
    Iowa is called The Hawkeye State as a tribute to chief Black Hawk, leader of the Sauk Indians (relocated to Iowa after unsuccessful fighting of settlers). Also called The Corn State (90 percent of the land in Iowa is devoted to agriculture).

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