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    Men's Health

    Some health issues are unique to only men. This is the category for those questions. Whether it be about anatomy, reproduction, or disease, ask them here.

    Asked in Cigars, Men's Health

    Can impotence from 24 years of cigar smoking ever be reversed?

    User Avatar
    Medical science has mostly cured this through medications like viagra
    Asked in Men's Health, Shaving

    How can you手机500彩票客户端 remove hair from around the penis?

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    If I were you手机500彩票客户端, I would shave it or wax it, but if you手机500彩票客户端 shave then very very AND I MEAN VERY carefully. Hair removal cream, pluck. Each method has it's risks and pain level. The most common way for a male to remove unwanted pubic hair is to shave carefully and slowly with plenty of shaving cream and warm water. +++ Be very careful if you手机500彩票客户端 use depilatory crèmes. Some of these contain strong alkalis you手机500彩票客户端 don't want anywhere near sensitive areas. (I'm not sure I'd want them anywhere near any of me!)
    Asked in Men's Health, Male Puberty, Reproductive System

    When do boys start producing sperm?

    User Avatar
    Boys start producing sperm in their semen once they have started puberty. It may take a while for the production to begin but it will have by the time puberty has ended. At first masturbation will produce a small amount of clear watery sticky fluid on ejaculation, this will be the Semen. As he gets further into puberty this will change into a thicker whiter/creamy fluid which the sperm is transported in. Boys bodies do not begin to produce sperm until they have begun puberty. The age at which boys begin puberty is very variable and differs from one boy to another. Any age between around 9 years of age and 16 is considered to be within the normal range for puberty to start although on average most boys begin puberty around 11 or 12 years of age. They generally begin to produce sperm around a year after puberty has begun. Immature germ cells (spermatogonia) are dormant in the boys testes from fetal life. They do not divide and mature into sperm until Puberty has begun. Sperm will not be able to be ejaculated through masturbation until a boy is underway into puberty.
    Asked in Men's Health, TV Programming and Commercials, Women's Clothing, Commercials

    Who is the cute brunette in the Levitra commercial?

    User Avatar
    Cute Brunette in the Levitra Commercial Her name is Marie Silvia. Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.
    Asked in Health, Men's Health, Medication and Drugs, Viagra (Sildenafil)

    How long till Viagra starts to work?

    User Avatar
    As with any drug, each person may experience different absorption times. The directions suggest to take it one hour before relations, however that is conservative on the long end because the maker doesn't want to state a shorter time because that may not be the case for very few men. My experience is 10 minutes, but it will intensify in 20 minutes. You asked, "start" to work and that is 10 minutes. It also has a positive mental effect, in that you手机500彩票客户端 are confident it will work, therefore you手机500彩票客户端 already think it is. If you手机500彩票客户端 are going to eat a meal, take it before that to ensure it is absorbed first. You can drink alcohol, but not to excess. I know of no drug conflict, but drinking will diminish it's effect, just as drinking and not taking it would. Additionally, it is not necessary to take the entire pill. My experience is that only a small portion of a 1mg pill will work effectively; that being 1/6 of a pill. I break it in half, then cut it into 3rds. Hold over a piece of paper, because it will leave the inside "dust", which you手机500彩票客户端 can recover from the paper. Inside the outer coating is like chalk. I know that sound small and it is, but it does work, at least for me. If it doesn't, try another piece. There's nothing wrong with taking more, but I see no need to take more than you手机500彩票客户端 need and it is economical as well. You can't get more than fully erect, so why waste it? The problem with taking more, such as even half a pill (which I would never do) is that if sex does not occur, you手机500彩票客户端 will certainly wish it would and that can be frustrating. You will not necessarily be physically be aware when it is working unless you手机500彩票客户端 have some kind of mental or physically stimulation. This can consist of only taking a leak and touching you手机500彩票客户端rself or concentrating on having sex. When you手机500彩票客户端 are exposed to either or both of these, you手机500彩票客户端 will know that it is working and expect an erection within 30 seconds and you手机500彩票客户端 will stay that way until you手机500彩票客户端 orgasm or the stimulation is interrupted or ends. However after the suggested hour, you手机500彩票客户端 definitely will get an erection with the slightest touch. You probably won't want to go 4 hours or more with an erection coming and going, so plan carefully or you手机500彩票客户端 might have to excuse you手机500彩票客户端rself for a few minutes to take care of that. Major distractions will negate it's effectiveness and render it useless and unnoticeable. An example of this would be an argument or an emergency. It does not force and erection on its own, but easily allows one. Side effects are mild, but many men, including myself have reported a light flushing in the face, but I doubt noticeable. This is a very mild warming of the cheeks for the most part. It does raise the heart beat and depending on you手机500彩票客户端r build, you手机500彩票客户端 may be the only one to notice this, as the heart rate increases when aroused anyway, but it can be distinct. However that can be a good thing, because it tells you手机500彩票客户端 it is working. The flushing subsides relatively quickly and after you手机500彩票客户端 take it a few times, you手机500彩票客户端 don't think much about it. The heart rate however persists, yet decreases over time. Another effect, maybe not a side effect, is that you手机500彩票客户端 may mentally want to have sex more under its influence, simply because YOU know you手机500彩票客户端 have taken it and YOU know why and expect to, and you手机500彩票客户端 are anticipating sex. There are other prescription alternatives, but I have tried only one; Levitra. This pill is round and smaller and a few dollars more expensive, at about $15 per pill. The advantage to this small wonder is that I have not experienced any side effects and it works as fast and the lasting effects are much longer, without the relatively immediate desire to have sex, but spread over a longer time. It works just as well, but you手机500彩票客户端 don't mentally feel like you手机500彩票客户端 must have sex right now, unless you手机500彩票客户端 get that mental and physical stimulation as mentioned above. In that case, you手机500彩票客户端 will be ready. This more calm approach might be because I know it will last longer and I don't need to be in that 4 hour window that Viagra is said to work. Another effect of Levitra is it's like a battery. It is not limited to one encounter or 4 hours. If you手机500彩票客户端 have sex tonight, you手机500彩票客户端 might also tomorrow morning. This is good for three reasons. If you手机500彩票客户端 don't have sex tonight, you手机500彩票客户端 can still count on it working in the morning. Or, if you手机500彩票客户端 have sex tonight, you手机500彩票客户端 can also have sex in the morning. Or, if you手机500彩票客户端 have sex tonight, you手机500彩票客户端 can have sex again tonight. It is possible to begin again in 10 or so minutes after the first orgasm. Obviously, the second time will take longer to achieve orgasm, but it can be very rewarding. In contrast, Viagra is like a match; it only works once. These comments are the opinion of the author based on first hand accounts. Actual results may vary and no opinion should be taken as fact for every individual. Consult you手机500彩票客户端r doctor before taking any medications.
    Asked in Men's Health

    How long does sperm live on a toilet seat?

    User Avatar
    It would depend on a few factors including the amount of sperm on the toilet, the ambient temprature and humitidy, but in general if a guy were to ejaculate on a toilet seat, they could only live a few minutes.
    Asked in Men's Health, Male Puberty

    What is the average size penis for a mixed race 15 year old?

    User Avatar
    'Mixed race' wouldn't change the size of you手机500彩票客户端r penis at all. At 15 you手机500彩票客户端r penis is likely to be still growing. The size could be anywhere from 1 inch up to 6 inches depending on whereabout you手机500彩票客户端 are in puberty and also on you手机500彩票客户端r genes. See the related question below for further information.
    Asked in Men's Health, Math and Arithmetic

    What is 98cm in feet?

    User Avatar
    98 centimeters is equivalent to about 3.22 feet.
    Asked in Pregnancy, Men's Health, Acne

    What is the cause to watering sperm?

    User Avatar
    I'm guessing that is Pre-Ejaculation
    Asked in Men's Health, Hair, Facial Hair, Beards

    Is there any type of supplement that a man can take to help his facial hair grow?

    User Avatar
    There are no accepted or approved treatments or supplements that increase the rate of facial hair growth. However, there are a few supplements been shown to help with the health of the hair, which may help it to grow better. The main natural products that help with hair health are Biotin, Silica, MSM, and L-Cysteine, so you手机500彩票客户端 could try any or all of them. Facial hair for men is a secondary sexual characteristic mainly controlled by blood levels of testosterone and estrogen, influenced in large part by genes/race. Rogaine and Propecia do not increase the rate of hair growth and have only been shown to be effective in restoration of hair growth in male pattern baldness.
    Asked in Men's Health, Puberty and Adolescence

    How do you手机500彩票客户端 trim pubic hairs with a beard trimmer?

    User Avatar
    Really I wouldn't use that man just shave it all of it feels so much better and the girls they like it too so just shave it all my friend and it feels better when you手机500彩票客户端 don't have hair down there :p
    Asked in Men's Health

    My wrist repeatedly cracks and I a can crack it at will it is also quite loud when it cracks Is this ok or should I get it checked?

    User Avatar
    it is fine. my wrist crack vary loud all the time. i do it all day and i have yet to find a pain from doing it or from me being able to do it. Clicking and constipation are two of many signs of a critical shortage of Vitamin C and other nutrients.
    Asked in Women's Health, Men's Health

    What makes you手机500彩票客户端r urine orange?

    User Avatar
    Being dehydrated, certain foods or medications.
    Asked in Men's Health

    What are the effects of blue balls?

    User Avatar
    The above statement is completely false. Blue Balls Syndrome or scientifically known as vascocongestion is completely harmless. The discomfort will go away on it's own after a few hours, but if you手机500彩票客户端 need immediate relief, you手机500彩票客户端 should masturbate. Ejaculation is the fastest way to relieve the problem.
    Asked in Men's Health, Puberty and Adolescence, Male Puberty

    Can you手机500彩票客户端 shrink hip bone size during puberty?

    User Avatar
    There isn't anything you手机500彩票客户端 can do about you手机500彩票客户端r bone structure. It was determined by you手机500彩票客户端r genetics long before you手机500彩票客户端 began puberty.
    Asked in Men's Health

    How long does it take for sperm to rebuild in a 30 year old man?

    User Avatar
    If everything is working the way it is supposed to, it is on a daily basis. 100 plus million a day, like clockwork.
    Asked in Men's Health

    Why does sperm ooze out of penis very slowly?

    User Avatar
    it might be possible one masturbated allready and doing it again or not in the mood of sex and masturbating.
    Asked in Men's Health, Human and Animal Interaction

    What is the role of the testis?

    User Avatar
    In humans, the role of the testes is to produce sperm and androgens (male sex hormones; testosterone).
    Asked in Men's Health, Conditions and Diseases, Infectious Diseases

    Why does a doctor hold you手机500彩票客户端r testicles while you手机500彩票客户端 cough?

    User Avatar
    The reason that a doctor performs this examination is to check for a Varicocele. A Varicocele is a swollen varicose vein that may be in the scrotum and is usually on the left side. The physician checks for a hernia, which is when a portion of the intestine decends into the pubic area, and possibly into the testes. When you手机500彩票客户端 cough, you手机500彩票客户端r abdomen expands/contracts, therefore moving the intestine if it has descended. The doctor can feel this, and determine whether or not you手机500彩票客户端 have a hernia. This question has been answered by a healthcare professional, not an M.D.
    Asked in Men's Health

    Is it normal for the exposed glans of an intact penis to be painfuly sensitive when touched?

    User Avatar
    Yes the exposed glans of an intact penis can be very sensitive especially when it has not been exposed on a regular basis.however you手机500彩票客户端 my be confusing pain with senitivity. It is normal for the glans to be sensitive because the glans is highly enervated and protected by the foreskin. it will become less sensitive and easier to deal with over time. Both the glans and the iner mucal surface of the prepuce (foreskin) are very sensitive parts of the penis and can a first be so sensitive that hey may be difficult to handle. But how do you手机500彩票客户端 distinguish between hurt and sensitiveness ? Its easier to masturbate with the foreskin over the glans but does hurt (not really but the sensation is just too weird) when you手机500彩票客户端 touch the glans directly. How to enjoy the weird sensation ? Is there any kind of reading material available on the same ? I have this problem, I am uncut and touching my glans with my bare hands is uncomfortable and can be painful if I do it a lot, luckily the tongue and lips are soft enough that it causes no pain or discomfort at all, but if you手机500彩票客户端 don't have a willing partner or just can't bend that way, I find a good lubricant usually helps, Ansell Lifestyles 'silky smooth' is the best that I have found. (But see below.) I have exactly the same problem Soreness/Sensitivity of the glans, I have been told it's very normal especially as I have very very rarely pulled my foreskin back I have been advised to roll the foreskin back and hold the glans between finger and thumb under water, to get the head used to being touched. I am going to try this over the next few weeks to see how I get on. I have always had this problem but just lived with it. [By the way, it's worth noting that the word 'glans' is singular, not plural.] The glans is an internal organ designed to be exposed on each thrust within a vagina during sexual intercourse. It is kept supple, protected and naturally lubricated by the foreskin when the penis is flaccid. The foreskin is innervated with multiple nerves which activate when masturbation or sexual penetration occurs. After ejaculation takes place - either through masturbation or sexual intercourse - the glans is intensely sensitive. Any touch by clothing or fingers on the exposed glans is similar to accidentally knocking our humerus (funny bone). But the sensation is clouded with such an intense mix of sensitivity and relative pain, we recoil from any touch. This is nature's way of 'correcting' us if we leave our foreskin still retracted after ejaculation. Males circumcised as infants, or at any time before puberty, can never know the pleasure of owning a foreskin. Grown, circumcised, adult males will say, "I'm just fine as I am," never knowing what they missed! So, yes... it's normal and wonderful that the glans of an intact penis is so marvelously sensitive - even if you手机500彩票客户端 touch it when erect. All it is telling you手机500彩票客户端 is that it's working properly! When you手机500彩票客户端 are still you手机500彩票客户端ng and you手机500彩票客户端r penis is left intact it is normal for you手机500彩票客户端 to find that the glans of the penis is extremely sensitive, to the point where this may be confused with pain. However in time the sensation will become bearable and give you手机500彩票客户端 the pleasure that circumcised penises will never be able to give. Just be a little patient. Many circumcised males, you手机500彩票客户端ng and old, find they need artificial lubrication to masturbate satisfactorily; whereas intact males don't. Happily, the inner foreskin is self-lubricating. It's all part of nature's perfect design. intact men's heads are very sensitive when they circumcise you手机500彩票客户端 they take away all the sensitivity that why its better to have foreskin Be proud to be intact first off, but to answer you手机500彩票客户端r question, you手机500彩票客户端r penis is more sensitive because the foreskin is protecting the head of you手机500彩票客户端r penis from minor abrasions that occur in you手机500彩票客户端r underwear from day to day. If it is so uncomfortable or painful, speak to you手机500彩票客户端r doctor, maybe he can shed some light on the subject! If you手机500彩票客户端 are worried about the sensitivity of you手机500彩票客户端r penis or it's giving you手机500彩票客户端 pain, please consult you手机500彩票客户端r doctor for more information and help At first the head of the intact penis is very sensitive and you手机500彩票客户端 may well confuse it with pain However given a little time and adequate lubrication when handling it you手机500彩票客户端 will soon get used to it. play with it. touch it, but lightly. it will toughen it up a bit. if you手机500彩票客户端 have a partner, encourage them to use their tongue. a bit of masturbation using a lubricant will help get it under control as well and it feels good too.
    Asked in Men's Health, Genetic Diseases, Klinefelter's Syndrome

    Why is someone with klinefelters syndrome male not female?

    User Avatar
    By definition Klinefelter's syndrome is genetically XXY. If there is any Y chromosome present, the baby will develop into a boy. Even if a baby had XXXXY, it would still turn out as a boy.

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